Nature's   Symphony...  by Oriza Martins

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Water – an essential good,

Sacred source,

Mirage of light and color...

Makes the land colorful,

Water is the seed of life,

And life is the seed of Love...











It has the streingh, the beauty,

The power of nature,

Filling my eyes,

Waterfall of sensations,

Laying down the caresses

Which falls from the Lord’s hands…


























Blessed nature,


Night, day or dawn,


Whatever the season,


Gets us within its lap,


We are part of it as,

Body, soul and heart…









Gone are the leaves in the fall,


A sweet departure,


Laying down the road…


An overawe of feelings,


In an expectation of joy


And to the colors of summer…





























Nor the cold of winter

   Can decrease the sweet

       Cuddle of the nature,

            Making well of such hardness,

                 Showing us with all the Love

                      Such splendor of beauty!



















The winter is a dawn

It is rest at the sundown

It is a sweet waiting...

For the life brings back the shining,

And the nature, vibrating,

On the explosion of spring…





The Lord gaves us such richies,

Land, something beautiful and Magic

To take care of all within...

For the Mother Nature, we are all,

To be sure, its children as well.














The losses shall not be lamented,


As the paths by which we live


Get renewed each Day:


If in the fall the leaf falls,


Another one, to be sure,

Will reborn in the spring...






















So, I keep walking those

Cicles of the destiny

No hurry, slowly....


It matter most the path

Than the destiny to be reached…


As the wisdom of the walker dreamer

Is not based on a hurry to reach the end…


It is based in the wish to trek in the

Bad or good times ahead

The paths of hope,

Even if is a lonely path,

And to enjoy the beauty of the way…


Oriza Martins












                 Oriza Martins/2007





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