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- Good morning, my dear. On this rising day...

- I feel God’s presence in our love...

- I love you, a love without end ...

- I love the special touch of your caress ...

- I've tried to measure how much I love you...

- I want to see your eyes to confess...

- What I desire to you this day?...

- Where is happiness? Happiness is in the little...

- Why do I love you? I love you because...

- You mean, for me, an amazing possibility of existence...

- Your eyes reflect the glow of the stars...

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Love Words for Mother's Day

Dear Mother, you are a Queen, you are a flower, you are all sublime charm of love. You are my guiding star always showing me the path of love and goodness. Congratulations! I love you!! I love you so much!!

Dear Mammy, your eyes are made of tenderness, your arms are made for protection, his presence is a blessing in my life and you bring total happiness to my heart. Congratulations! I love you!! I do love you!!

Dear Mammy, my heart's door is always open to you, this same heart that throbbed for the first time in your tender womb.

Dear Mom, you're the magic star that enchants the sky of my life, the lovely star that makes my nights more safe and full of affection. Congratulations! I love you!! I do love you!!

Dear Mom, you are the most precious treasure that the Lord gave me; in times of distress your arms are my sweet refuge and I hope to live up to your life lesson, your care and dedication. Congratulations! I love you!! I love you so much!!

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