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 Inspirational Quotes by Oriza Martins    Who is Oriza Martins?

“When the human spirit is opened to dialogue, to a sympathetic understanding of the phenomena that drives reality, it becomes receptive to awareness, peaceful coexistence and brotherhood, experiencing how rewarding and tasty love and goodness can be.” (Oriza Martins)

What is “being happy?” Above all, being happy is to keep the heart so full of love that there is no space for evil. Anyway... If happiness is making people happy, being happy is making happy beings! (Oriza Martins)





“Nothing is more wholesome than praying in a moment of grief. Harvard researchers found, through studies, that patients who pray heal more easily. And while science seeks a physical explanation for the phenomenon, I content myself with the most obvious of all: Faith - in God and in ourselves.” (Oriza Martins)

“Your ability to serve others is proportional to the greatness of your heart, the nobility of your feeling, as well as the intensity with which you strive to share, give, serve and be supportive, grows and ennobles your inner being, turning into a better person, happier, full of light and with increased opportunities to live a healthier life.” (Oriza Martins)

“Do not let the wicked seed of doubt interfere on your process of moral improvement. Prepare your mind as an wasteland for this type of undesirable sowing. Prevent yourself. Vaccinate yourself with love, serenity, courage and wisdom.”  (Oriza Martins)


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