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 Love Words and Quotes about EASTER


Easter is life, Easter is hope, Easter is the renew of those good human values, Easter is Jesus in the heart. Happy Easter!

A peaceful Easter celebration to all, wishing that each new day in the year the good human values renew and improve in our hearts!




Greetings to all of you whom feel tired and fatigued; may the resurrected Christ makes you feel the strengh of His love, filling you heart with peace and giving the straight to walk forward with confidence that tomorrow things will be better.

Happy Easter! May the resurrected Christ brings serenity, happiness and hope to you and all those you care!

May in the resurrected Christ we can find the light to show the right way. Happy Easter!

I hope the resurrected Christ opens a great smile in the faces of all children around the world, particularly on those who rights are being violated. Those are my sincere wishes!

Easter is a sacred time to meditate, to find interior peace, a moment to ourselves find the positive energy to share to others, without distinctions, not only listening, but also giving peace in our best way.

A desire of peace, happiness and pure love, that Easter brings all that to your heart, bringing light to all days of your live. Happy Easter.

Words that encourage us, lights of faith that surround us, wonderful moments: this is the Easter that make us find again the hope...

Our hearts are plenty of joy. Christ, the Lord is risen on this sacred day to bring salvation to the world. Happy Easter!

May this day bring us peace, love and a lot of serenity. Happy Easter to all!

Our best wishes for peace and serenity in this holy Easter.

That Easter is not just a treat, but also it represents peace, serenity, harmony and love.


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