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Teen Love Poems

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Teen Love

Teen Love


Desiree knows little of desire

Desiree knows little of desire
Except what she detects in hungry eyes.
Sometime soon, perhaps, she'll feel the flame
Instead of merely acting in its name,
Reduced to an estate she will despise.
Each dances like a moth before the fire,
Even when she knows the end is shame

Nicholas Gordon

A girlfriend's neither gotten nor forgotten

A girlfriend's neither gotten nor forgotten.
She's never just a friend who is a girl.
She doesn't wear a nameplate or a flower.
You never can be certain that she's there.

You're going to have to jump right off a building
And probably break your ego and your neck.
Nine times out of ten you'll wish you'd vanished,
But one time out of ten--why, there she'll be!

A girlfriend isn't something you acquire.
A girlfriend is a person, not a thing.
And if you leap and land next to the right one,
She'll burn her image right into your heart.

Nicholas Gordon


Happy Valentines

A teenage girl's first crush is . . .

A teenage girl's first crush is . . . well, crushing.
Her body isn't hers, nor is her mind.
She finds herself shivering, shaking, blushing,
Weak, tormented, sick, and going blind.
And why? Because some guy might look her way,
Then cast his eyes as quickly to the ground;
Some special one, for reasons she can't say,
Whose voice makes her feel faint when he's around.
But now my crush on you has been returned,
And so the two of us stand on some brink:
It can't be love so young, and yet we've learned
Love does its will, no matter what we think.
Slowly, slowly now--we mustn't rush:
Let's enjoy this first sweet teenage crush.

Nicholas Gordon



First love is like playing with fire:

First love is like playing with fire:
Aglow with pain and glory.
Tell me, my dear first love,
Whether I'm burned into your heart.

The fire in your body,
The glory of your touch:
Ah! my dear first love,
Never, never leave my heart!

Although the fire is distant,
The pain is always near.
My dear first love, please listen:
I hold you in my heart.

Nicholas Gordon

I like staying with you...

I like staying with you


Valentines day

I love you

Falls for you...




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