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There's no friend quite like an older sister.
Often when I rummage through our lives,
Memories like orange-colored lanterns
Yield your face, gold against the darkness.
So many times you were what I would be,
Initiating dreams that now are me,
Showing me my youth in all its starkness,
Treating with soft charm my fiercest phantoms.
Each time I think of you, my smile revives,
Recalling when I was your little blister.

Nicholas Gordon

Friendship Poems

May poetry flow
From your moonlit garden,
From your cool, dark fountain,
Untouched by age.

May your spirit read
The book of life
With the same enchantment
As the child within.

Nicholas Gordon

We've just been friends, and now you're going
Far away for many years.
But please don't leave me without knowing
How I feel as your time nears.
I know you're older, more mature,
And far beyond me in some ways.
But there's between us something pure
That's given me these magic days.

I thank you for the loveliness
That your sweet friendship's brought to me.
Think of this poem as a caress
That says, "I love you" gracefully.

Nicholas Gordon





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