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What is happiness?


The human being is there to be happy!
          Man seeks happiness... wants to be happy... 

Happiness may have countless meanings, according to the expectations - material, emotional or metaphysical - of each person. But true happiness keeps the inner peace as a substance, the clear conscience of those who relish the pleasure of Love and Goodness...
            But what is happiness? What’s the meaning of being happy? To achieve happiness - "this dream tree full of golden apples" – we often come across unforeseen events along the way... At such moments, the human spirit needs strength to be aware that...

Being happy is ...

A matter of knowing, of determination:
-  Knowing how to tame the beast that can dwell within.
-  Knowing how to make your fellows happy...


A matter of "perception":
- Realizing that unfortunate souls age earlier...

A matter of "intent":
- Not wish the others what you do not wish for yourself.

A matter of "understanding":
- The understanding that the greatness of life is achieved by the overcome obstacles...
- The understanding getting rid of reality might be easy, but may not be so easy to give up a dream.

         A matter of "learning":
- Learning who you are in order to evaluate yourself.

        A matter of "attitude":
- Demonstrating that words are worthless up against actions...
- The willing of giving happiness to others…
           But, above all, keeping in mind that being happy is to keep the heart so full of love that there is no space for evil.
Anyway... Happiness is making people happy!

Being happy is making human beings happy!

©Oriza Martins 




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