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Oriza Martins


The fondness and kindness of Princess Diana fascinated the world, but it was mainly her beauty that conquered the cheering for her happiness with Prince Charles of England. Almost nobody cheered for ugly Camilla. Often I heard some people say:

            - What nonsense! Changing such a beautiful woman for another, so ugly!
            But let's look from another angle: Camilla was loved by Charles before Diana enters the fray. And by the way, she was loved with capital "L", since adolescence.
            People still consider standards of beauty a great merit to build happiness and, in these circumstances, it seems that few people remember the role of LOVE ...
             Prince Charles has always lived surrounded by luxury and beauty. How can a love resist so long and so many temptations?

The news that were in the press some time ago, related that Charles took a stack of eight books to read on the honeymoon with Diana and also a picture of Camilla inside one. It leads us to a sympathetic feeling of respect to the pain of Diana, but brings us this amazing feeling called LOVE as well. Despite his obligation to marry according to the official parameter and ensure the continuation of the line of heirs to the British throne, the prince's heart remained true to his feelings for Camilla.

            From this perspective, the history of Camilla and Charles are moving.  Camilla means a female icon of redemption, a symbol of ordinary woman: the certainty that it is not essential to fit into patterns of beauty in order to attain happiness.
            Vinicius de Moraes, a brazilian poet, said: "The ugly women forgive me, but beauty is essential".
            Vinicius forgive me, but beauty is not essential...
            Today, Charles and Camilla enjoy their happiness even without the splendors of youth ...
            By the way... Aging is a right, despite of appearance. It is part of life.
            And be happy too!

©Oriza Martins 

Trad: Daiane da Silva






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