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In our hands... fate

Oriza Martins 

      Hands that caress... hands that save ...
      How much the existence depends on our hands?

       At birth, two hands await us, support us and are our first contact with the world. Two hands that hold and awaken us to the reality outside the sweet warmth of the womb... that lead us to give the first cries of unconscious joy, innocent protests, an early demonstration of a life throb.
        Even before birth, hands were lovingly involved in our conception...

        And along the path of existence, we go on in a perfect symbiotic relationship between hands and conscience; they embody different needs and feelings: in the daily struggle for survival, the paternal hands in guidance; the hands of those who work in different activities and help building the evolution of Humanity; the hands of a friend in uncertain times and the hands of the lovers in the process of achieving the most intimate dreams…

        However, these hands that produce, cherish and support might become vehicles of harmful practices of cruelty: to take the possessions of others... to behave violently against others and even to usurp the rights of living from our fellow.
        A light touch of hand may trigger a global cataclysm.
      If it were possible to hands becoming independent beings in these moments how miserable would they feel when they realize that they have become tools of human perfidy...
         Take good care of our hands ... and not just in aesthetic terms.
         That between hands and our moral conscience may establish a lasting bond of principles, for them to mean, always, real tools on seeding peace...
          Look at your hands now ...
         ... and reflect the extent to which has been struggling so you can be proud of them.


©Oriza Martins 

Trad: Daiane da Silva






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