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    When a problem arises you have two alternatives: regretting or looking for a solution.

    We must never falter up against difficulties. The weak feels intimidated. The strong opens doors and turns on the lights. (Dalai Lama)
    Sometimes in a moment of struggle, we feel immersed in the darkness of the negative feelings. The problems seem more severe and the solutions more difficult.
    But, actually, nothing is dark around us.
    Anxiety takes away our capacity to perceive light.
    And when we calm down our hearts, we find the solutions to all problems.
    A traditional legend tells that an old Indian once described his inner conflicts:
    - Inside of me there are two dogs, one is cruel and evil, the other is good and docile. Both are always fighting ...

When he was required about which of the dogs would win the fight, the Indian sage paused, reflected and said:
    - The one I feed.
    The greatest of all lights is the one that comes from God, from brotherly love, charity, from the mercy of a sincere heart.
     Your ability to serve others is proportional to the greatness of your heart, the nobility of your feeling, as well as the intensity with which you strive to share, give, serve and be supportive, grows and ennobles your inner being, turning into a better person, happier, full of light and with increased opportunities to live a healthier life.
     Let us join hands!
     Enlighten our lives!


©Oriza Martins 

Trad: Daiane da Silva




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