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  Jake Sully

* Everything is backwards now, like out there is the the real world and this is the dream.

* The Sky-People have sent us a message … that they can take whatever they want … and no one can stop 'em. … Well we will send them a message: … you ride out as fast as a wing can carry, … you tell the other clans to come, … you tell them Toruk Makto calls to them. … You fly now, with me, … my brothers, … sisters, … and we will show the Sky-People … that they cannot take whatever they want … and that this … this is our land!

* I dreamed I was a soldier who could bring peace. But eventually, you always have to wake up.

* I became a marine for the hardship. Told myself I can pass any test a man can pass. All I ever wanted was a single thing worth fighting for.

* I was a Marine. A warrior, of the... Jarhead clan.

* They're not going to give up their home. They're not going to make a deal. Pff for what? A light beer and blue jeans? There's nothing that we have that they want. Everything they sent me out here to do is a waste of time. They're never going to leave hometree.

* Well, uh, I guess this is my last video log. Whatever happens tonight, either way, I'm not going to be coming back to this place. Well, I guess I better go. I don't wanna be late for my own party. It's my birthday, after all. This is Jake Sully signing off.

* Sometimes your whole life boils down to one insane move


* You should not be here. Go back. All this is your fault.
o To Jake after she kills a predatory beast and drives away the pack of them which were attacking him.

* You have a strong heart. No fear — but stupid! Ignorant like a child.
o After Jake asks why she saved him from the beasts.

* Now you choose your Ikran. This you must feel inside. If he also chooses you, move quick like I showed you. You will have one chance Jake.
o To Jake, as he is put to the test of bonding with a flying dragon.

* I see you.

Dr. Grace Augustine

* Just relax and let your mind go blank. That shouldn't be too hard for you.
o To Jake Sully, before his consciousness is transferred to his Na'vi avatar

* I'm a scientist and I'm believing in fairy tales.
o As she is brought to the Tree of Souls.

Colonel Quaritch

* You are not in Kansas anymore. You are on Pandora, ladies and gentlemen. Respect that fact every second of every day. If there is a Hell, you might want to go there for a little R&R after a tour on Pandora.
o Briefing new recruits on the dangers of Pandora

* As head of security it is my job to keep you alive. I will not succeed. Not with all of you. If you wish to survive, you have to cultivate a strong mental attitude. You have to obey the rules. Pandora rules.

* You haven't got lost in the woods, have you? You still remember what team you're playing for?

* Nothing's over while I'm still breathing!

* Hey Sully, how does it feel to betray your own race?

* Our only security lies in pre-emptaive attack. We will fight terror with terror.
Now, the hostiles believe that this mountain stronghold of theirs is well protected by their — their deity. And when we destroy it, we will blast a crater in their racial memory so deep that they won't come within a thousand klicks of this place ever again.
o Preparing the company troops for an attack to destroy the Tree of Souls and the will of the Na'vi to oppose their mining operations.

 Trudy Chacon

* You should see your faces.
o Upon her passengers viewing the floating mountains of Pandora

* You're not the only one with a gun, bitch!
o While attacking Colonel Quaritch's command ship

[edit] Others

* This is why we're here, because this little grey rock sells for twenty million a kilo.
o Selfridge, pointing out a floating piece of unobtanium

* My nose is full of his alien smell.
o Eytukan, about Jake Sully


Jake [As sacred seeds gather around him, and land on him] : What are they?
Neytiri : Seeds of the sacred tree — very pure spirits.

Theme song

"I See You", written by James Horner, Thaddis Harrell, and Simon Franglen, song by Leona Lewis

* Walking through a dream, I see you
My light and darkness breathing hope of new life
Now I live through you and you through me, enchanted
I pray in my heart that this dream never ends.

* Now I give my hope to you, I surrender —
I pray in my heart that this world never ends.

I see me through your eyes
Breathing new life, flying high
Your love shines the way into paradise —
So I offer my life —
I offer my love for you.



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