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LOVE  AND  PASSION   (Oriza Martins)

Passion is fire, lasting or temporary,
That heats our chests,  inflames us and satisfies...
Delirium of soul, that involves body and mind,
But to wound, to hurt, it is capable.

Love is breeze in a perfumed morning,
A rainbow in shades of lightness...
Safe port, our essential fire,
Anchor and source of pure happiness.

Passion arrives as an annihilator action,
But love is a perennial ecstasy...
If the storm of  passion leaves scars,
The wind of love aliviates our pains...

However nor always passion leads to love...
Also nor always love contains passion...
But both tend to join, confusing us,
By the secret ways of seduction...

What I want more is forever to balance
Passion and love in the same roll of emotions...
I want enlace me with love to your life
And with passion, donate me, without restrictions... 

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