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Image: ART PRINTS - Wonderful Images!!

Image: ART PRINTS - Wonderful Images!!



I Stand Alone

© By Harrison Tobin

I stand alone,
I stand alone on this path to no where
Looking every which way for help
People see me for something i,m not
When I ask them for directions
They don't understand
So they turn their backs and walk away
I try to fallow them but can't catch up
So I then give up
And all hope is lost
I sit empty minded for as long as I can
And soon I can't take it anymore
I feel as though I don't belong
And I constantly think about if dying would be best
In that very same moment I change my mind
The figure came up and held out it's hand
Telling me it cares and that i'm not alone
I stand up strongly and give it a nod
It simply nods back
And together
We walk away side by side
Watching each others backs
Through the long path in nowhere
Until together
We reach
Some where





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