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Friends Forever

© By Casiana Molina

Friend poems
A friend is a treasure that everyone has

Sometimes they come, sometimes they pass
Your friends will stay if you don't betray or lie

Or leave them behind
Just put this on your mind

A friend is what you need
To succeed in this life

In this world were you can't live you can't breath
Life will be unfair but your friend will be there

To give you hope, and faith
And a path that is right to take

This will lead you to your dreams
That you never thought would come true

That is being friends forever with you.
Sometimes you forget

What your friend has done
You just stab them in the back

And leave them behind
But when it comes to them

And they don't do the same
You just turn your back

And do it again
But one sunny day

You will be alone
Then you will realize

that all you once had is gone.



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